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In March 2015 I started to write my autobiography from notes I had intended to send to my ageing aunt about my life. She informed me, 'I do not want you to sent them and I will not read them.'  A bit discouraged I decided to make the notes into a autobiography. Of course I put my photo on the cover and all the true adventures inside.
In the ensuing years this book has continued to sell in over ten countries with 45 five star reviews on Amazon.
If you like to learrn how to live a life differently, get this book with over 40 photos.

I then continued with a second book in my lifes saga, It's Not Only About Me, which is a story of a life in transition from a go for it attitude to responsiblitiy. Not as easy change over but one that most can relate to. One soon understands sex, drugs, and rock and roll is far more exciting that life with restrictions. 

My first novel which actually was written before the second part of the autobiography. It is a story that is close to my heart of the choices we make when the unexpected arrives. Humor and sadness with interwoven murder makes for enchanting reading.  

Bad things happen to good people. This is a fictional account of changes that come over individuals when disease, old age, and poor decisions threaten life as they know it. Recognition, acceptance, and then deciding what to do is at the heart of this story.
For the characters in this books, background, upbringing and beliefs are important until uncertainty and fear take over. It is only then that true strength emerges and guides them towards a company who understands.  Choice Cruise Lines.
Euthanasia is a controversial word. Freedom to choose should be available to all.
Romance, suspense, crime, mixed with sadness, laughter and outrageous behavior brings each one of us closer to the characters as we each can see comparisons in our own lives.

Feb 28, 2017 Stephen Bentley rated it 5 stars  It was amazing
Wow! I loved this first novel by Jack Kregas and it left me wanting to read more of his books. I had previously read his autobigraphy 'It's All About Me and a few others.' That gave me an insight into his character and I guessed he was a natural story-teller. This book confirmed all of that and more. Primarily, I read a novel to be entertained. This does that in spades. I found it easy to read and to use that well-worn cliche, it was hard to "put down." In fact, I finished it inside three days.

The characters were well fleshed out and a most interesting motley crew they were. The plot line was different to say the least and it was clear the author had done his research on the medical and moral issues raised by the main theme of the book.
Clearly, Jack draws on his interesting life experiences in telling his tales. He does it
in such an easy way and is one of the reasons this book is so enjoyable and readable.
I look forward to reading more of Jack's books. I am now a fan!


Mystical glasses was my first thriller, action, adventure novel based on poker. I am a tournament poker player so used the knowledge to craft a book around poker that suddenly became something far more sinister. I liked the character as did many readers and wrote the second in the series Innocent Retribution.

By RONALD IAN GASKINS on January 3, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I found this prequel to Mystical Glasses really enjoyable. The story gets going at a good pace from the beginning and pulls the reader in more and more as it progresses. Thoroughly recommend for those who want an easy and enjoyable read.

This review is from: Mystical Glasses (Kindle Edition)
Wow! What a story. I couldn't put this book down (Kindle) A quick and easy read and not too long. Excitement & thrills from one page to the next I loved the characters especially Joey, whom I'm still deciding whether he was a good guy or not.This book has a bit of everything ...romance, sex, adventure, and crime.  Grab this one. You won't be disappointed.

ByGlennis Browneon January 7, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Just finished reading 'Innocent Retribution' -a fast moving novel with an unimagined ending. Clever plot, which leads the reader towards a presumed climax, but abruptly changes direction. Brilliant. A must read after 'Mystical Glasses.'

ByRobbie Bon January 28, 2017
Format: Paperback
Once again Jack Kregas has delivered a novel with all those special ingredients that make you want to keep reading and enjoying a great story.


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