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                6 short stories of truth & advice. 

PEEved (Truth) – Every man over 50 must read and heed. Girlfriends and wives should buy this book and compel their man to read it. It will not only save lives and relationships, but the explicit suffering expressed in this story.

Bill’s Story (Truth) – This is guest author Bill Van Atten’s story of an issue that is as important as PEEved. Another serious narrative of how to understand, research, and make decisions that can literally save your life.

George (Advice) – Saddened and lost after the death of his wife, George decides to pick up the pieces and live. George tackles the confusing, frightening, and enlightening world of internet dating.

Not all days are the same (Truth) – Some love holidays and birthdays. Others dread the thought. One man’s take on the days of the year that will shock some and encourage others.

Off the grid (Advice) – A life of luxury comes to an end when the money is gone and the forced sale of the home of forty years is imminent. Shattered and facing homelessness, a friend comes to the rescue with a plan that defies the law. 

Being an author (Truth & Advice) – If you have ever thought about writing a book, here are some do’s and don’ts. 


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New novel is a page turner.
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Slick Morrison is a peaceful man with a dubious background. Defenseless people being taken advantage annoys him. Changing careers to become a licensed private investigator, he intends to help those who others would not.

At a dog boarding establishment where hardly anything is at it seems, a young boy dies in suspicious circumstances.

Kira Kozlov is running scared. Her Russian diplomat husband who is being deported for espionage has threatened to kill her. Fearful of more abuse and ultimately dying, she asks Slick to help her.   

Does Slick's justice get results?

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        The latest Joey Moretti novel

     Joey Moretti’s life is never easy. The Moretti group of companies is under an attack by unknown         sources. When Mira and his new baby are the target of violence, it all becomes personal.

     Who is behind these actions? Who can be trusted? How to protect himself and his family?
     Joey and his friend follow leads from Aruba to New York trying to uncover the answers to these questions. The deeper they dig, the more shocking the information becomes. 
     Betrayal, torture, and revenge are old friends of Joey’s but is he getting too old for more upheaval? Is it time for him to let it go and disappear into the sunset?

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         What's inside TALL TALES?                    These three gripping stories.

Christmas 1963, a US Army payroll was robbed in Garmisch, Germany. The $2 million in cash was never recovered. Some say this is not fiction but a true story. Some say they know the perpetrators.

2.   LOPEZ
Lopez was a pitcher with the New York Mets who had to prove to himself and to the fans that he was worthy. When is the next step one too many? A story of courage for every reader.

Sydney (Sinner Sid) Moffit was an evangelist with a difference. As a ‘sin consultant’ he advised on which decadence to choose. People either loved him dearly or absolutely despised him. Sid was also sex addict.
 PLUS FREE bonus story MORRIS MORRIS included in the book.       

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    Tall Tales Video

Contested Ransom

The books that started it all.                              My first and favorite

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These and all my books are available in e-books or paperback versions from Amazon, i-books, kobo, and all online sellers

The two book autobiography has sold in ten countries with the first book receiving over 50 5 star reviews on Amazon. This is the hard to believe true story of a life lived differently. A book you learn from and not forget.                             

A difficult topic but one that will effect us all at some point. This is a humous and uplifting book.

Say no to free books

I have long been an advocate against freebooks. They condition people to expect them and cost authors money. Worse still less that 5% are read or ever reviewed.  Authors continue to give them away thinking it will increase thier reader base.
I have teamed up with Electric Electric. Electric Electric produce noveletts of authors work and sell them for ONLY $1.00. That eliminates those who seek free as it gives serious readers the opportunity to explore new authors. I am pleased to include two noveletts AVAILABLE now Amazon or by clicking the button below.

MORRIS MORRIS is a short story from my book Tall Tales.

Loysa's Carabao is a new novelette that has never beeen published before. It is an adventure of a young girl that is uplifting for both parents and children alike.

One or better both of these noveletts can be yours by clicking on the link provided. Thank you for your support as you agree authors should be paid for thier creations.

         I am pleased to announce that my books are now available at these fine stores.


                  Mary Ryan Hastings St. Noosa, Qld  

Berkelouw Books Eumundi, Qld

                    Crossroads Books 1 Bell St. Ipswich   [email protected]

P.J. boox, Fort Myers, Fla.